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Ladies and Gentlemen

10-08-2012 | print
When you visit us on business, you will immediately learn that Żagań County is a great place for establishing relationships. Investors will be offered numerous facilities by the local authorities and our friendly and competent clerks will advise you on the proper investment areas as well as property which is worth developing. Our County can guarantee qualified employees opportunities for their further education. Moreover, professional consultancy on finance and management is also offered. I assure you that everybody will be surprised by the European standards of cooperation.
If you choose our County as a holiday destination you will definitely find the place relaxing and full of unforgettable memories and experiences, this is due to the rich history of the County and its clean environment. We hope you have a successful visit and take away some beautiful memories which will make you want to get to know Żagań County better and return to visit us again.
Councilor of Żagań County

Starostwo Powiatowe w Żaganiu

ul. Dworcowa 39, 68 - 100 Żagań
Herb Powiatu Żagańskiego
tel. (068) 477 79 01, fax (068) 477 79 20
Nr konta: 95 1020 5402 0000 0202 0336 8032

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