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Tourist facility: Dukes’ Palace

Dukes’ Palace

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The Palace was built on the site of a Piast castle at the turn of the 13th and 14th century, in 1628 Albrecht Wallenstein purchased the castle from Emperor Ferdinand II.  He decided to destroy the ruined castle and build a new seat worth his status.  It was designed by Vincent Boccaccio; however, the Prince’s death stopped the works. It was restarted in 1670 by Vaclav Eusebius Lobkowic and based on Antonio Porta’s design. His son Ferdinand completed the Palace before 1700. Courland’s Duke Peter, the ruler of Żagań from 1786, changed the interior of the palace greatly, leaving the façade unchanged. In 1842 the Duchy together with the Palace became the property of Duchess Dorothy Talleyrand – Perigord. The Palace and Żagań Court became one of the most recognized in Europe.  During her ownership the Palace was modernized considerably. The present day appearance is from baroque époque.
The town park surrounding the palace was the most appreciated in the region; before WWII it was believed to be the most magnificent in the Silesia region and in Central Europe. The park is one of the largest historical town parks in Poland. The beginning of this green kingdom goes back to Wallenstein’s times; who started a zoo garden in the park.  Its present day appearance was created by Oscar Teichert (The Inspector of Gardens and Parks) in the 19th century when Duchess Dorothea was the owner of the premises.

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Starostwo Powiatowe w Żaganiu

ul. Dworcowa 39, 68 - 100 Żagań
Herb Powiatu Żagańskiego
tel. (068) 477 79 01, fax (068) 477 79 20
Nr konta: 95 1020 5402 0000 0202 0336 8032

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